Writing Update

Hi there. 👋

The first book of my spinoff (sequel?) whatever it’s called, it’s finally finished as of several weeks ago. 🙌 Blood and Ash, the first book from the Supernatural Coalition Series will be out around November of next year. As for my Viper Syndicate Series, the first book (Obsidian Ice) will be out on the first of February. You can read the synopsis here.
I’m currently writing the second Viper book entitled Lunar Shards, and I’m also working on the second book in TSC (The Supernatural Coalition).
Other than that, I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday. See you next year! Hopefully, it will be better than 2021. 🙂

Solar Arrow

Hey guys. My book in my new series ‘Viper Syndicate’ is out! 😊

Solar Arrow Synopsis:
Luna Rayne was like the others, an accomplished assassin in her own rights. When the chancellor decided that it was a great idea to enslave his own people, she and her sister went undercover, determined to put a stop to it. For the most part, they worked from the shadows, quietly directing their own trusted friends and family into positions within the chancellor’s rank. Will her plan to take down her own chancellor come to fruition, or will she fail in her attempt to free the captives?

You can download the book from here. Let me know what you guys think! Feel free to rate and leave reviews on goodreads.

On that lovely note, have fun reading!

Blood Sacrifice Is Finally Here!

Happy New Year, guys. 🙂 Wait, can I still say it, even though it’s February? 😛 Anyways, I know it took forever to come out, but the final book in my Night Stalker Crew Series—Blood Sacrifice—is finally here. I had a lot of fun writing this book, and I’m happy with how it ended. You can download the book

Thank you to each and every one of you for helping me come up with ideas, giving me suggestions here and there, making fun of my characters, and just being you. Thank you for your support. 🙂

P.S. The first book in the spin-off to my baby (Night Stalker Crew) is in the works, and the prequel to my Viper Syndicate Series will be out in August of this year. Woooooo!

What I’m Currently Working On

At the moment, I’m working on the final Night Stalker Crew book tentatively titled ‘Blood Sacrifice’. I’m hoping to put it out there on Smashwords around June or July. If it’s not out by then, it will most likely be out by the end of the year or early next year.

I’m also working on a new series called ‘Viper Syndicate’. The series is different from my NSC one, and it will not be based in the same universe as some of you hoped it’d be. As of this moment, I’m writing the prequel to the first book. It’ll probably be around 15k words. I’m hoping to get around 25k, but I’ll see how things are going as scenes unfold. After all, my characters are the ones controlling everything, not me.

On an off-topic note, I suck at blogging, but I’ll try to blog more. 🙂 No promises, though.

Woo, I Finally Did It!

So, I’ve been saying for years and years that I was going to create a little website thing on here. Well, after hours of figuring everything out and resisting the urge to stab poor little infants, I finally got it done. Mind you, it was filled with trials and errors, and me cursing the god damn fucking universe. For some reason, html didn’t want to work for me, so I had to use the visual editor. It was surprisingly not that bad. After all the linking, grabbing synopses off my Smashwords page, because I no longer have the synopsis for each book on my laptop; I’m hoping all the pages were linked correctly. At the moment, I’m too fucking lazy to check. And on that lovely note, I’m done writing for now.