Obsidian Ice

In the realm of darkness, there is ice. In the realm of twilight, there is healing. In the realm of light, there is fire. Three different dimensions, three mysterious races, many factions: betrayal and loyalty, which one will win out in the end? At every corner, there are those who hide in the shadows. Who’s friend, and who’s foe?
Held captive in the twilight dimension of Mirinia the race known as endahli call home, Aria Sovlik will do whatever it takes to escape. With outside help from her friends and family, it’s only a matter of time. Meanwhile, the icy streets of her home are full of predators hiding in the shadows, waiting to strike. On every corner, there is blood and death, violence and destruction. In the dark, cold realm of Rislyn, home to deadly assassins, no one is safe.

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